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Our Newly Elected President John Chasteen

The 20th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!
will be held May 21 & 22, 2011

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Elgin
$83.00 plus 10% tax ($91.30 total)
Saturday 10 am to 5 pm - Sunday 10 am to 3 pm or beyond
495 Airport Road
Elgin, Illinois 60123
(A city block north of I-90 & IL-31)
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Mention Glenside CoCoFEST! for our special rate.
Those planning to attend the 2011 CoCoFEST! thus far are: -- Rich Bair -- Steve & Lori Bjork -- Camillus Blockx -- Brother Jeremy -- John & Marge Chasteen -- Malcolm Cleveland -- Brian Goers -- Chris & Nancy Hawks -- Allen Huffman -- John Mark Mobley -- Frank Pittel -- Tony & Linda Podraza -- Mike Rowen -- George Schneewiess -- Brian Schubring -- Karl Sefcik -- John & Shirley Strong -- Bob & Annette Swoger -- Phillip Tollefson -- Justin Wagner -- Andrew Weiler -- Aaron Wolfe -- 28 so far, - our goal is 50.     E-Mail Bob Swoger if you plan to attend.

Our 2011 Exhibitors are:
Frank Pittel
John Mark Mobley
Bargeman Research Labs
Glenside MARK II IDE Interface
Aaron Wolfe - Drive Wire Project
The Glenside Color Computer Club
Malcolm Cleveland’s Not-For-Sale CoCo Memorabilia

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The next meeting of the Glenside Color Computer Club will be
Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 7:00 pm
at the
Schaumburg Township District Library.
Will you please attend?

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Below are our CoCoFEST! sponsors
Cloud 9 - Cool Stuff for your CoCo - Mark Marlette
FWD Computing - Cool Stuff for your PC Experience - Frank & Carol Davis
Tandy Color Computer Emulator Pages - David Keil
RGB-to-VGA Converter Description - Roy R Justus
Tux Driver Web Site - John Linville
Malcolm's Corner of the Web - Malcolm Cleveland

Below are other sites of interest.
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0 2010 Glenside Booth Video
Life and Times of the Color Computer - Steve Bjork
TRS-80 Color Computer History
TANDY/Radio Shack Color Computer News & Updates
FTP directory /coco/ at ftp.maltedmedia.com
Sock Master's Web Page - John Kowakski
NitrOS9.LCURTISBOYLE.COM - L. Curtis Boyle
The NEW Sub-Etha SoftWEAR! - Alan Huffman
The Annual CoCoFEST! Information Site! - Robert Swoger
The CoCo SuperSite! - Roger Taylor
The CoCo Nutz! e-Magazine - Mary Kramer
Yet Another CoCo & MC10 site - Rogelio Perea
CoCo 1 & 2 Stuff - Bill Yakowenko
CoCo Friends Disk Magazine - Jim Davis
Dragon & Tandy CoCo Resources - Paul Burgin
Fred's CoCo Page - Fred Provoncha
CoCo Quest - Mike Snyder
Club BBS Homepage - Bob Swoger
Virtual Color Computer (VCC) - A Tandy Color Computer 3 Emulator:
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0
Download Skype and join our meetings remotely
CoCoFEST! Exhibitor/Vender Contract 2011 - WORD version
CoCoFEST! Exhibitor/Vender Contract 2011 - PDF version

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